Owner /Instructor

Karyn Hall

Karyn Hall, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, certified coach, certified PE therapist, certified DBT Therapist (Linehan Board of Certification) and certified as a clinical supervisor in RO DBT by Dr. Thomas Lynch. She is the second therapist in the United States to be certified as a clinical supervisor in RO DBT. Karyn is the owner/director of the Dialectical Behavior Therapies Center in Houston, Tx, a private practice offering services for individuals, families, and couples. For over thirty years Karyn has worked with both adults and adolescents suffering from complex disorders such as personality disorders, chronic depression, chronic anxiety, and eating disorders. She has also served as a supervisor/consultant for therapists of various disciplines, nationally and internationally. She blogs for Psychology Today and is the author of Mindfulness Exercises for DBT Therapists, SAVVY, and The Emotionally Sensitive Person. She is the co-author of The Power of Validation and an upcoming book, The Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy Workbook for Eating Disorders. She has published research on understanding emotional sensitivity and the use of virtual reality for teaching mindfulness. Karyn enjoys supervision in DBT and RO DBT, and consulting with teams. Contact: Please contact Dr. Hall directly to arrange for supervision/consultation, via She offers supervision/consultation nationally and internationally. Location: Houston, TX